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How To Raise Hand In Zoom. During a meeting on the zoom iphone or android mobile app, click on the three horizontal dots, labeled “more”. In the mobile app, you can raise your hand by tapping the raise hand option in the more tab.

How to Raise Hand on Zoom
How to Raise Hand on Zoom from

However, there is no option to lower your hand on the telephone unless your host does it for you. You can also use the alt+y keyboard shortcut to raise or lower your hand. To join a zoom meeting by dialing in with a phone number, the steps to raise your hand are a bit different.

How to Raise Hand on Zoom

Once you join the meeting, dial *9 on your phone’s dial pad to. You'll see this as the middle option in the menu that slides up from the bottom of your screen. If you are using a telephone for a zoom meeting, then you can raise your hand by dialing *9 on your dial pad. Raise hand in zoom on a phone call zoom app allows you to dial meetings without even using the application.